CPDO was established in 1995 as centre providing continuing professional training in the area of manual and physical therapy.
CPDO aims to provide further professional development for manual therapists of all disciplines.  
The courses focus on three areas of professional development:
To facilitate the development of manual skills and range of techniques used by the therapist.
To help the therapist develop their clinical methods, the understanding of how to clinically apply their technical skills and to improve their diagnostic abilities.
To facilitate the personal development of the individual as a therapist and the quality of the therapeutic relationship with the patient.  
The courses are designed to provide an immediate and practical use of the learned material in clinic.
The centre aims to provide courses that would count as CPD hours toward the participants CPD requirements.
Jean-Pierre Barral
Courses are open to all practitioners and students of manual therapy: osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, Alexander teachers, nurses and body psychotherapists, etc. Therapists from other disciplines are welcomed to join the courses (however some experience of manual therapy is needed). The evening lectures are open to all therapists as well as to members of the public. Courses that are only open to osteopaths are indicated in the description of each course.
The centre is run by Dr. Eyal Lederman and Tsafi Lederman.
For further information visit: www.doctorlederman.com  


Lederman's Osteopathic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
28-30 Sept 2018, Cote d'Azure, France
Dr. Lederman lecture on post-surgery and post-stroke movement rehabilitation of older adult
2019, University College of Osteopathy London
Lecture Notes UCO students (free registration)
5 Feb 2018, London

Dr. Eyal Lederman talks Functional Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (Workshop in Helsinki - Podcast)

Dr. Eyal Lederman Presenting The Process Approach at iO Convention
20-22 Oct 2017, London

Download lecture notes (short version)
Free live forum 3 Oct 17
Tasha Stanton Stiffness in the Back: Biomechanical or Stretch Sensitivity?
Lederman E 2017
A Process Approach in Osteopathy: Beyond the Structural Model

Lederman's workshop:
The Training Conditions
for Connective Tissue Adaptation
March 2017, Ulm University, Germany

CPDO at Home Video
Leon Chaitow & Laurie Hartman Comparison of Neck Management
(Free registration)

New podcasts with Dr. Lederman:
Part 1: Failing Models

Part 2: A Process Approach

Lederman's Myth of Core Stability 22 October 2016
Brisbane, Australia

End of the structural model? Interview with Dr. Eyal Lederman
CPDO at Home
Online CPD courses
Online CPD - Providing CPD points for
Learning with Others &
Self Directed Learning

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A Process model in Manual and Physical Therapies
Article by Dr. Eyal Lederman

The Myth of Core Stability
Interview with Dr. Eyal Lederman
New title by Dr. Lederman

Read preface & chapter 1
Join the blog discussion on stretching
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
by Dr. Lederman:
Special offer £25

Read excerpts
The myth of core stability
article by Dr. Eyal Lederman
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