Promoting resourcefulness in individuals, teams and organisations through creativity

Embodied Coaching •  Creative Expansion Training uses the Embodied Coaching method developed by Tsafi Lederman and Jenny Stacey.
Embodied Coaching focuses on two primary pathways: body process and exploring image and metaphor using the arts. Both these pathways act as a bridge between implicit and explicit knowledge, supporting communication and transformation.
Understanding and being able to use the Embodied Coaching method adds a new dimension and expands your coaching practice .



We are delighted to have started the Holding the Mirror Up workshops in Leeds that provide a supportive space for coaches to reflect on their practice. It is also a creative opportunity for learning and personal development.

Holding the mirror up: a reflective-reflexive space

A space for personal and professional development

Dates: 25 October 2019 & 17 January 2020
(The workshops will be held on 2 Fridays: 10:00 - 17:00 h)

Location: Weetwood Hall Conference Centre
Otley Road • Leeds  LS16 5PS

Cost: £530 for 2 days  •  Early Bird booking by 1 Sept 2019: £470

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The Landscape of Change: Stories We Tell Ourselves

An opportunity to develop your embodied creative coaching skills

Dates: 7 & 8 November 2019 (Thursday & Friday 9:30 - 16:30 h)
Venue: RPC of Ireland • 14-15 Camden Street Lower • Dublin 2
Cost: € 630  •  Early Bird booking by 1 Sept 2019: € 585

I read & accept Creative Expansion's terms and conditions

Embodied Coaching & the Inner Critic

Creative Expansion explores the psychological dimensions of coaching allowing sustained change at a deeper level.

Date: 19 July 2019(Friday 9:15 - 16:30 h)
Venue: Royal Marine Hotel • Dun Laoghaire • Dublin
Cost: € 295  •  Early Bird booking by 17 May 2019: € 265

Comments from past Delegates:

"Jenny and Tsafi bring creative coaching to life. Their workshop was exciting, well-structured and well-paced. I felt I learnt a lot that I can use in my coaching practice and also really valued the insights on a personal level."

"An excellent insight into the real power of using creativity in coaching."

"Wonderful and thought-provoking day of creativity and 'serious play'."

"Jenny and Tsafi are two excellent facilitators."

Delegate Feedback:

"Jenny and Tsafi approached the topic and engaged with us in a playful way that had the serious objective of raising awareness about personal development and potential."

"An exciting experiential day that will challenge you and bring insight and something new."

"Inspiring and life enhancing. I would highly recommend it."

"Joining this workshop enables learning of skills while allowing the space to go deeper and access new personal perspectives."

"This was a powerful personal development experience for me."

"Wonderful and thought-provoking day of creativity and 'serious play'."

In Creative Expansion we provide unique spaces where individuals can discover their creative potential and learn to apply these qualities to other spheres of life. These creative qualities can be used for personal development and growth as well as enhancing resourcefulness in the professional and business spheres. Creative expansion facilitates the exploration of new ways of thinking, problem solving and expanding awareness of wider possibilities. The sessions are experiential using a wide range of creative arts approaches that help individuals explore and realise their creativity.

In the Creative Workshops participants will learn how to:
    Creative Expansion course.jpg
  • Let go of fixed ideas and labelling
  • Re-evaluate situations
  • Understand barriers to creative thinking
  • Explore hidden possibilities
  • Explore personal creative styles
  • Identify avenues for moving creative ideas forward

Workshops also include the opportunity to:
  • Engage with the creative process as a way to connect with self and others
  • Discover one's own creativity and its application to wider settings including teams, communities, organisations and businesses
  • Explore relationships, focusing on personal relationship patterns and discovering new ways of working together
  • Recognise the importance of non-verbal communication


Exploring the Ground: Advanced Gestalt Training
Holding the Mirror Up: a Reflective-reflexive Space
Creative and Embodied Coaching: an Introduction
Beyond our Defences: Dealing with Difficult Emotions
Body of Awareness: Using Creative Approaches in the Coaching Relationship
Leadership Relationships: Using Creative Ideas to Explore Relational Dynamics
Uncertainty, Transition & Change: a Workshop for Coaches
Dreams, Phantasy & Creative Innovation