Personal development


A personal development workshop using drama, bodywork and the creative arts to explore and expand our view of ourselves    
Jenny Stacey & Tsafi Lederman

CE Stories we tell ourselves Traditional tales and fairy stories passed down the generations through our families, can offer strength, support and transformation. In this workshop we will explore personal stories and their impact on our lives. There will be an opportunity to examine, reflect and re-write aspects of our stories to embrace what may be more pertinent to our lives now. Using our imagination, the arts and bodywork we can create new possibilities and awareness.
In our embodied approach we aim to access levels of awareness, which are beyond rational thinking - something we 'know' but cannot easily express in words.
Accessing this implicit knowledge allows expression that may not otherwise be possible and opens the door for exploration of our personal stories with new layers of meaning.

Comments from past Creative Expansion Training Courses:
"The workshop brought creativity to life and gave real opportunity for self development."
"It was useful to use Symbolism as a bridge to the unconscious."
"A fantastic method for accessing implicit wisdom, skilfully taught by Tsafi and Jenny"

Delegate Feedback:

Jenny and Tsafi approached the topic and engaged with us in a playful way that had the serious objective of raising awareness about personal development and potential.

An exciting experiential day that will challenge you and bring insight and something new.

Inspiring and life enhancing. I would highly recommend it.

Joining this workshop enables learning of skills while allowing the space to go deeper and access new personal perspectives.

This was a powerful personal development experience for me.

Wonderful and thought-provoking day of creativity and 'serious play'.