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Leon Chaitow ND DO

A weekend course exploring the use of Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) in management of spinal, respiratory and pelvic dysfunction. MET are used to induce either post isometric relaxation or reciprocal inhibition, as a preparation for subsequent mobilization of soft tissues or joints. The workshop will examine the use MET in managing a wide range of acute and chronic conditions related to spinal, respiratory and pelvic dysfunction. The 2 day workshop will involve approximately 30% theory/ lecture and 70% hands-on practice of the methods and focuses on developing your skills under the training of one of the leading experts in the field.
  • An evidence-informed understanding of the rationale and methodology of the use of a variety of MET approaches, and the ability to apply these in clinical settings to neck, thoracic & pelvic pain - and respiratory disorders
  • Evidence-informed understanding, and the ability to apply a range of functional assessment methods for identification of specific soft tissue and articular dysfunctions, prior to application of MET
  • An awareness of a variety of clinically useful MET approaches applicable to dysfunctional soft tissues - including Pulsed MET
  • An increased ability to justify the choice of MET in the management of soft tissue and joint dysfunction in the thoracic and pelvic regions


DAY 1:

Theoretical overview regarding the evolution of soft issue dysfunction from an evidence-informed perspective, including:

- Local adaptation syndromes
- Musculoskeletal stress response sequences
- Causes of soft tissue hypertonicity & dysfunction (pain/tone connection)
- Chain reactions & crossed syndromes (including muscle classification discussion)
- Summary of the main causes of soft tissue and articular dysfunction - with special reference
   to the neck, thorax and pelvis
- Discussion of the relationship between breathing dysfunction and the neck, thorax and pelvis
- Functional assessment for altered movement patterns in the spine and pelvis - including basic respiratory
   assessment and form & force closure influences on the SI joint
- Introduction to Muscle Energy Technique variations for treatment of joint restrictions, and soft tissue
   shortening/dysfunction (particularly related to the neck, thorax & pelvis), including:
- MET: acute + chronic variations
- Pulsed MET (rapid resistive duction) - encouraging proprioceptive rehabilitation
- Slow Eccentric Isotonic Stretching (SEIS)

Hands on:

Identification and MET treatment of soft tissue restrictions, using (among others) Janda's functional
assessment methods - including: Upper trapezius, Levator Scapula, Scalene, SCM, Pectoralis Major & Minor,
Serratus Anterior, Intercostals, Psoas, QL, Piriformis, Hip Adductors, TFL, Quadriceps, Hamstrings,
muscles associated with Cervical, Thoracic & Pelvic function

DAY 2 - Hands on:

- Continuation of MET applied to muscles, if not completed on 1st afternoon
- MET treatment of restricted cervical, thoracic & pelvic joints using standard MET and Pulsed MET
- Thoracic spine
- Sternoclavicular, pelvic and rib restrictions - identified in partners - working in groups of 3
- Use of MET as part of treatment of myofascial trigger points (lecture/demo and hands-on)
- Pelvic floor and diaphragm considerations
- Research evidence as to their mutual roles in cervical, spinal and pelvic function and dysfunction
- Review and practice of all methods covered in previous sessions

Dates: 24-25 March

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CPD hours: 14 • cost: £355 • deposit: £250
Leon Chaitow ND DO is a graduate of the BCNO (now BCOM) who has been in practice since 1960. He was until 2004 Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster. He lectures widely in Europe, USA and Australia on osteopathic and naturopathic topics, to chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists; is author of over 60 books (including Positional Release Techniques, 3rd edition (2007) Churchill Livingstone). He is Editor-in-Chief of the peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies, and practises in the UK and Greece.

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