Prof. Laurie Hartman

Dates: 18-19 Sept 2021


CPD hours: 14  •  cost: £435  •  Registration 9:15, start 9:30 and finish 17:00
NEW VENUE: The Skylight Centre - 49 Corsica Street - London N5 1JT
This practical workshop is a unique opportunity to develop and update your manual skills under the guidance of Professor Hartman. His use of an integrative manual approach has been developed over many years of clinical experience and teaching osteopathic techniques worldwide. His unique teaching method and extensive knowledge of different manual approaches will help the participants to revise and update their repertoire of manual techniques applied to the cervical spine, cervical-thoracic junction, ribs and upper limbs.

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Prof. Laurie Hartman is an Associate Professor of Osteopathic Technique, British School of Osteopathy, and the author of "Handbook of Osteopathic Technique". He is a world-renowned expert on osteopathic technique and manual therapy and has been practising and teaching for over three decades.
The course will provide for OSTEOPATHIC PRACTICE STANDARDS CPD requirements in the following areas:

14 hours Learning with Others

OPS CPD RequirementsLearning include
Communication and patient partnershipListening, respecting patient's concerns and preferences, dignity and modesty, effective communication, providing information, consent, patient partnership.
Knowledge, skills and performance Having sufficient knowledge and skills, working within training and competence, keeping up to date, analysing and reflecting on information to enhance patient care.
Safety and quality in practicePatient evaluation, management, safeguarding, wider role in enhancing patients' health and wellbeing.