Dr. Robert Schleip

Date: 26 Sept 2023  •  19:00 - 21:00 UK time (7 - 9:00 pm)


CPD hours: 2  •  cost: £45   Student fee: £20.00 • Use discount code: "student"

This informative and inspiring webinar will take you on a journey to explore fibrotic tissue pathologies from a fascial oriented perspective.
It begins with an update on new insights regarding dynamic adaptations of the body-wide fascial network, on the regulation of wound regeneration and wound repair, as well as the impact of hydration on tissue behavior.
This background will then be applied to a new understanding for treating fascial dysfunctions such as chronic scars, fibrotic adhesions and other expressions of tissue stiffness.
Practical instructions will be given on specific manual techniques, including tool assisted soft tissue mobilization as well as conventional hands-on myofascial techniques.

Dr. Robert Schleip has been a Rolfing- as well as Feldenkrais Teacher since over 20 years. He directs the Fascia Research Laboratory at Ulm University in Germany, and is also Research Director of the European Rolfing Association. His research findings on the active contractile properties of human fasciae have been awarded with the Vladimir Janda Award for Musculoskeleteal Medicine in 2006.

• Info on Dr. Schleip’s research:
• His personal website:
ARTE TV report on fascia research, including that of Dr. Schleip 

The course will provide for OSTEOPATHIC PRACTICE STANDARDS CPD requirements in the following areas:

2 hours Learning with Others

OPS CPD RequirementsLearning include
Communication and patient partnershipListening, respecting patient's concerns and preferences, dignity and modesty, effective communication, providing information, consent, patient partnership.
Knowledge, skills and performance Having sufficient knowledge and skills, working within training and competence, keeping up to date, analysing and reflecting on information to enhance patient care.
Safety and quality in practicePatient evaluation, management, safeguarding, wider role in enhancing patients' health and wellbeing.